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29 April 2011 @ 01:08 am
This….Is a moment I wasn’t looking forward to. It’s just a shitty realization that, let’s be honest, has been building to a head for months now. I’ve been kidding myself, and lying to myself, and really, it’s time to stop running and just be honest….
*Deep breath* BurlyYouWereRightMisfitsIsAwesome!!!!! I can’t believe I’ve never watched an episode till now!!!
I mean, superpowers, and British slang, and boobies, but then they turn into old and that’s not good but up till then they’re spectacular! I watched the whole season in one sitting (only six episodes, but STILL!!!!)
Also, there may or may not be an internet video of me watching the boobie episode and then having a moment of pure terror as they turn….not awesome…Just sayin’. Keep an eye out for that!
18 November 2010 @ 01:12 am
1. I am a minion in the Customer Service Industry. While I never expected to end up here, apparently I have a gift at randomly chatting up the customers.

2. I find the previous statement absolutely hillarious since, in social situations that require ACTUAL MEANINGFUL INTERACTION with people I don't know, I clam up tighter than Michael Jackson's plastic face

3. I'm a wonderful mix of socially retarded with an obsessive mindset. This has led to me thinking that I've scared off friends I've known for DECADES simply by being who I am. Then apologizing profusely while they look at me trying to figure out what it is I think I've done.

4. I have spent the better part of a year on the biggest art project I've ever attempted...Or even CONCEIVED for that matter. I've drawn 65 characters so far and I'm not even a third of the way done.

5. When that hellish job is done, I've already thought up TWO MORE similar projects that I'd like to attempt. Rough estimate of completion date: January 2020

6. I wanted to be a cab driver when I was 6. Dunno why, but that was my goal apprently?

7. I'm boring to the point where there are more than a dozen staff members from 5 different restaurants who know what I want to eat the second I step through the doorway

8. At nearly 28 years of age, I've only had two girlfriends and gone on dates with five girls. the fact that I'd gone nearly a decade between girlfriends was, oddly enough, a point of pride AS WELL as depression for me

9. I've been verbally "accused" (for lack of a better word) of being gay by at least 5 people, with more than a dozen others saying they'd thought I was at some point or another .

10. I've been told by girls that, before they get to know me, I give off a creeper vibe. Apparently that changes after I say more than three sentences.

11. I've only left North America once. I never realized that beaches had such clear water before then.

12. I consider myself a huge geek, loving anime, children's cartoons, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, steam punk, alternate timeline stories and video games. There's probably more I'm forgetting.

13. I've had my comics published in the Haldimand version (or at least the closest facsimile) of a town newspaper, my high school paper, a job search website (long story) and most recently, my own web comic (most recently being, like, 2 years ago)

14. My genetic background has, thus far, "gifted" me with Obsessive Compulsive, ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome, a mood disorder, a sleeping disorder, and type 1 diabetes. But at least now I have a cool cyber pancreas that plays MP3s :P

15. It's 1am and I've totally forgotten to take my sleeping pill *Goes down to the pill cupboard*

16. I make WEIRD CRAP outta cardboard. It's gone from a random hobby (board games, miscellaneous props) to something that I'm actually impressed at (Mostly-To-Scale proton pack). How long these items stay together is another story entirely

17. I'm generally not an angry person. In fact, I've only gotten TRULY FURIOUS twice. Both times I've been told I'm kinda terrifying when it happens.

18. I found a grey hair yesterday. This labels me as old. Despite this, it's almost impossible for me to call myself an adult without severe conscious effort

19. Since moving out on my own, I have yet to cook myself a meal that doesn’t involve pasta in some way, shape of form.

20. I'm a bit of a slob, but when I DO clean, my OCD kicks into overdrive. Everything is organized by colour, type, use, brand, genre, etc. it's kinda terrifying o_O

21. I collect Optimus Prime figures. It's the longest collection I've had without me getting bored and selling it off piece by piece. I kinda have a short attention span.

22. I can do pretty decent cartoon voices and kick ass at singing the Genie's songs from Aladdin. I actually toyed with the thought of being a voice actor for a while.

23. I constantly wonder what my life would be like if it were a video game. Not me-being-the-main-character-going-off-on-a-quest type video game, but just my daily grind.

24. The more I watch the news, the more I get the feeling that we, as a species, wont survive past the next fifty years. The more I'm forced to hear about celebrities and their day to day drama, the more I HOPE that we wont survive past the next fifty years

25. I'm not normal. Never have been, never will be. There were years gone by that this fact bothered me. But the older I get, the more I surround myself with like-minded lunatics, the more I realize that I don't really care. Normal is boring, and COMPLETELY overrated!
Polaris!!! This Weekend!!! I will be dressed like a ghostbuster.
fun fact, proton packs made out of cardboard do NOT like to stay together, and are STILL heavy like a bitch :P
27 June 2010 @ 07:49 pm
OK....Let's make one thing perfectly clear...I *HATE* talking about myself....
I mean, I can write/talk up a storm when it involves stupid, day to day stuff, but the REALLY important stuff I always feel like I'm bragging/pitty whoring. So, many things are happening right now, and I'll probably get beaten up if I dont put a few down (I think Giggly's already planning my early death for lack of appearance...)
In order...
1) Broke up with Girly friend....Wasn't working. Didn't have the necesary feelings for her, fealt like I was staying with her because she liked me and was available. Also, known her for about 6 months and knew nothing...NOTHING...about her. not even her favourite colour. She talks to me but has nothing to say....BLARG! single again!
2) Moved out! Yup! I now live in Mount Hope with a buddy from work. I has two nice sized rooms and a bathroom allllll to myself :P Been here for a few days now and is quite awesome!
3) The girl who I've been in love/infatuated with for about four years, Megan, is moving back to the states and probably never coming back. This, immediately following conversations that made it sound like she actually, FINALLY, liked me as much as I liked her. My romantic/social life is a God-damned teenage drama. Fuck :S
I think that's about it. Peace!
Good day peeps and peepettes....OK, mostly peepettes XD
as far as the movie on saturday goes, the only one I'd be able to make it to would be the 9:15 one, since i work through all the others. Does this still work for peoples?
what time would we wanna get together? do we wanna get foodstuffs? I'll be getting supper after work regardless, but I wanted to know if I should wait and eat with y'all...

also, if their needed, rides are on the house, but since there will be 4 or 5 of you (is the goth bringing her girlyfriend?) it MAY be a wee bit cramped

anywho, could we gets a sound off on who's deffinately going and who'll need a ride from where?
18 January 2010 @ 12:33 pm
Oh my God I'm OLD!!!! *Spasm/flail/faceplant*

In other news....do we know what's going on for wednesday? Inquiring minds want to know!!! (Psst!!! I'm talking about me!!!)
01 January 2010 @ 01:29 am
Because Burly did it, and I wanted to see if I could even REMEMBER what happened to me in the last 10 years.....lets see here

-Had a medication screwup that caused me to lose a semester of highschool, due to random excessive twitchiness
-Graduated high school
-Had a comic strip in the town paper and the school paper, as well as having some prints show up in my aunt's online business site from time to time (yay webcomic roots!!!)
-Worked (in order) at a pizza place parking lot sweeping, a hay farm, an office as a data entry drone, a pizza place, a Pier 1, a Mark's Work Wearhouse, A greenhouse, and a Costcoooooo in a Pear Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
-Went into Mohawk for Graphic Design
-Failed out of Mohawk for Graphic Design (they don't like it when you don't show up for most of your classes...I figured that out my own self!!!)
-Finally realized that I like myself as a geek and a freak and finally decided to stop (for the most part) trying to fit in!!!
-Went on dates with five people, only one of which went on to become a girlfriend (also known as queen batshit) 4 of which were since 2008 (Bonus points if you can name them all....which you can't since you don't know about one of 'em!!!)
-Went to Mohawk again for General Arts and actually showed up for classes (having friends there helped!!!)
-had a webcomic, changed the direction of the webcomic, stopped doing the webcomic, then started ENJOYING drawing again!!
-Grad-ja-mated Mohawk (YAY!!! Gold Star!!!)
-Got in no less than 3 car accidents (only one of which was my fault, DAMN YOU ARABIC CAB DRIVERS!!!)
-Became the subject of the Costco rumour mill THREE TIMES for dating girls that I wasn't actually dating (That'd be Burly, the Goth, and someone else you don't know!)
-Went batshit-fucking-round-the-bend INSANE (oh, wait, no....I was always like that :P)

I think that's it? anything I left out?
18 December 2009 @ 01:53 pm
Damn this infernal season :S

Okeedokee. So, the plans for saturday seem to be SOMEWHAT in flux this week. I've been surprised to find out that a) I already had plans for saturday, which, with a little finesse, have been altered just enough that I can actually spend time with you guys (my brain is not a good calendar, for this I appologize) but damnation, I was gonna spend some time with y'all if it killed me...does it make me a slightly mental person to say that i just can't get the same grade of warped conversations with people at work?
b) work sucks (i know, she left me roses by the stairs....uh....never mind :S) turns out that we're open EXTRA LATE this saturday....SURPRISE!!!!! so at the moment, I am schedualed in till 7:30 MINIMUM! I am calling in every favour I can find to try and get an earlier shift, but I'm on door, and everyone seems to hate the door (because it SUCKS!!!) so that's still in the air.
c) I haven't really been on LJ much recently...sadly I have not had much excitement in my life and therefore nothing to post....I have NOT ABANDONNED YOU GUYS!!!! *spasm/flail/faceplant*
hmmmmm....I think that's it.....OH! New disney cartoon is awesome, I don't care if Nair's ruined Disney for the rest of you, 'twas GRAND!!!

See you saturday (I hope :S)

Fa la la la la la la, I'm DOOMED!

PS, YAY! another excuse to use my Khan Icon!!!
04 December 2009 @ 11:26 am
Apaprently Burly wants a list of ten? *sigh* work work work

I would like gift cards from

1. EB Games
2. Chapters
3. Michaels Art Supply
4. HMV or another joint in which I can purchase movies

Non gift card thingers include

5. Nothing
6. I
7. Can
8. think
9. of!!!!
10. A girl who puts out World Peace!!!!

Shit, that really IS hard to think of a bunch of things :S
15 November 2009 @ 01:02 am
Because I like to cave to the demands of my peers....I Give you ANSWERS!!!

1. Favourite cheese?
MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mozzerella!!!

2. What one TV show from your childhood (or aimed at children) that is no longer on TV would you bring back for the children of today to watch?
I was always fond of the Centurions. Well drawn, and written by some big names in science fiction....great fun :D

3. Do you feel more manly when you have a beard?

Oddly enough no, but other people apparently feel I'm more manly with the beard. I just think it suits my face better!

4. Best Star Trek? (Original, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, the cartoon or the new movie?)
I really liked the war with the dominion, but TNG was what I grew up with every week. Me and mom would watch it together....It was more fun to watch her being terrified of the borg than anything else!

5. Which is worse, to star in an internationally aired herpes commercial, or be forced to watch Tyra, once everyday for the rest of your life?
You....Watch too much Supernatural (Yeah, that's right, I caught it) I have never watched Tyra, so with my lack of understanding, I would have to say the herpes advertisement....for now anyways!